An ongoing problem in almost every city is cleaning graffiti off buildings. Although it sometimes is an appealing artistic expression of one’s mindset in regards current affairs and life in general, graffiti removal costs many millions of pounds yearly. Schools, councils, and commercial buildings seem to be suffering the most of this trend, and are vandalized on a constant basis by people that want to make their own revolution and send their message to the world.

All cleaning-up efforts in public places implemented to maintain the excellent shape of walls, parking lots, schools, and park benches, among others, hit a wall when authorities and those in charge have to find ways to remove graffiti. The need for an effective solution and powerful means is more than a requisite.

If you see yourself reflected somewhere in between these lines, Hygiene Busters is where you need to turn to. Our expertise lies in anything related to cleaning, including graffiti removal and spray paint removal, and our services have been utilized by both the public and the private sector, making us a leading hygiene service provider in the UK. With our high-pressure washers running a 3,000 psi washer pump, we can effectively remove any graffiti from practically any surface. However, we do have an army of pressure washers to suit every need, making power washing our specialty.

What is our Secret?

We work with passion and utmost professionalism and respond to every cleaning job with the proper respect and responsibility.

For example, when we want to remove graffiti, we follow a three-step procedure, which includes the following:

  • We apply a range of chemicals to suit all application and wait for the graffiti to soften.
  • Then, we lift the graffiti paint or substances.
  • Finally, we either power-wash the surface or clean it by hand, depending on a case by case basis.

Moreover, Hygiene Busters is a one-stop shop that can cover many other associated services. For instance:

  • If there is a need for a re-painting service upon the completion of the graffiti removal job, Hygiene Busters is there, too.
  • If you require to have the damaged surfaces repaired, we can also help.
  • We also do chewing gum removal and take on various cleaning projects (patio cleaning, wall cleaning, floor cleaning, drive cleaning and refurbishment, drive cleaning and many others).

Want to know what makes us more than just another cleaning service provider?

We offer a money back guarantee, AND are fully insured for all circumstances, AND carry out a risk assessment and method statement before we commence any cleaning job.

How does that leave you?

Completely relaxed, because you are in safe hands!

Contact us and get your FREE quote. No strings attached! We are certain we will be hearing from you soon!