In order to be healthy, we need a healthy environment to live in. Proper cleaning is essential, from our pavements to the inside of our houses. How? With the help of power jetting or power washing.

Power washing is a process where high-pressure stream of water is used to clean anything from pavements to pipelines; and, in the West Midlands and Birmingham areas, Hygiene Busters lead the way.

At Hygiene Busters, you will find a plethora of washer pumps to help you get rid of all the grease coats, oils, and fats that tend to thicken over time, on the inside of your sewer lines and pipes, allowing grease to flow from the grease interceptors and traps right onto your drainage lines. And, everybody knows how costly repairs of that kind can be, and how your business can suffer serious downtime, not to mention the risk of getting citations or a dreaded fine due to overflows in your grease interceptors and traps. Keeping the lines free flowing and open is essential to all business people, not only for the unpleasant odor that is emitted, but because it is also dangerous for your employees, especially if you are in the food service sector.

That being said; with our high-pressure water-jetters, you can thoroughly clean any other surface you want and prevent or repair any damage in West Midlands and Birmingham, so you escape all unwanted situations.

At Hygiene Busters, you will find:

  • A 1000ltr towable tank bowser with a diesel-powered engine, running a super-powerful 3,000psi washer pump.
  • A variety of washers for smaller jobs.

Therefore, it is hardly unlikely we won’t be able to tackle any challenge.
Our recent projects include:

  • Cleaning of the pavements and walls for Wates Construction (4-week project)
  • Cleaning the walls at the new Fire Station in Wednesbury
  • Two (2) drive cleans on block paving, PLUS re-sanding of the drive after the completion of the cleaning process.
  • Cleaning commercial waste wheelie bins for a large craft centre.

Why us?

Because we can clean anything from walls, floors, pavements, and paths to wood, decking, patio’s, cladding, and drives, AND come fully insured for all circumstances. Plus, we carry out a risk assessment and full method statement, prior to any works being carried out. We love our job and it shows! We act responsibly and professionally, serving West Midlands and Birmingham with our highly-effective power washing machines, so we ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Contact us and find out about our additional associated services that make us the ultimate one-stop shop that also offers you a money back guarantee!