Water Legionella


Legionnaires’ disease is a very serious and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia caused by inhaling airborne water droplets, such as from a tap or shower which has been contaminated by legionella bacteria. The bacteria are usually caused by poor temperature control within a water system or stagnant water in pipes that are used infrequently, causing the germs to grow.

At Hygiene Busters we are specialists in water management and ensuring that the water systems in your premises are controlled and that any risks that may be associated with your water, such as Legionnaires’ Disease, are eradicated.

If you are a landlord or owner of a business premises, then you are legally obligated to ensure that the water in your property/properties is safe. The failure to properly assess and control the risk could result in enforcement action, criminal prosecution or civil proceedings taking place so we are here to ensure that you stay fully compliant.

We are specialists in dealing with all aspects of water hygiene and legionella-related issues and we are able to undertake a comprehensive assessment of your premises to ensure that your water is safe. Our assessments will highlight any risks that your water system may have and we will provide you with a detailed report that will highlight any issues, the seriousness of those issues and the recommended actions that need to take place. In addition, we will provide full photographic evidence of your water system to demonstrate where the issues are.

As well as assessments and detailed reports we can also carry out in-depth surveys of your water supply and fittings to make sure that everything is as it should be and in line with regulations.

Everything we do is in line with:

  • Risk assessments for Legionella Control – BS8580 Water Quality
  • Health and Safety Work Act 1974
  • Private Water Supply Regulations 1991
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002
  • Water Supply and Quality Regulations 2000

For all your water hygiene needs and to remain fully complaint, please contact us now.