There is nothing more pleasing during spring and summer seasons than sitting in the garden and enjoying the nice weather. One of the main jobs that need to be done though is patio cleaning, which could start as a joyful experience and end up a real challenge.

Patio cleaning can quickly turn into a huge job if you don’t have the right equipment to remove the algae and weeds that make your patio not only repelling, but also dangerously slippery to walk on. Luckily, with the help of a powerful high-pressure washer, any patio refurbishment project becomes a walk in the park.

Hygiene Busters is your one-stop store, where you can find a wide array of washers running with an up to 3000psi washer pump, which is extremely powerful, to fit your needs, making not only patio cleaning, but also drive cleaning, block paving cleaning, and drive refurbishment much easier than ever before.

We come fully insured for all circumstances and carry out a risk assessment and a full method statement before the initiation of each project. Set aside that, we can also:

  • Re-lay or replace damaged or displaced slabs or blocks.
  • Replace any broken or damaged decking
  • Organize tarmac repairs
  • Clean patios, drives, decking, walls and paths

And, all that…with a Money Back Guarantee!

What to Expect from Us

Before the commencement of a project, we thoroughly inspect the surface to be cleaned. If there are any risks associated with cleaning, they will be discussed beforehand. That way, you will know of any alternatives that can make your patio cleaning project doable.

We care about your property, and we show it every chance we get, through our world-class services that go beyond just cleaning. If your patio needs re-sanding after the cleaning process has finished, our professionals will do everything it takes to make it look like new again.

That noted; we remove all weeds, dirt, and other heavily-soiled areas before we proceed to power cleaning. Needless to say, we strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines, which is why we carry out any washing in an orderly and safe way, as per the official guidelines. As for the waste created, we will remove it from the site and dispose of it according to our Waste Carries Licence Guidelines.

Feel free to Contact Us if you want to see your patio like it has just been built!

After all, it’s time to get your money’s worth to the last penny!