At Hygienebusters we provide a range of hand dryers and other hygiene products to the commercial sector throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas. A soap dispenser is a cost effective solution to any washroom and here at Hygienebusters they are available with either liquid, foam or spray pumps.Please find below some of the washroom and hygiene products, which are available here at Hygienebusters. Contact us online or give us a call on 08000 51 5113 to find out more.


Feminine Hygiene Bin
Intima Model

  • Innovative and compact.
  • 15L & 23L sizes in slim design.
  • Foot pedal, electronic & manual models.
  • Innovative reversible cover to ease location in cubicle.
  • Designed throughout to minimise dirt traps Flexible liner fitting system.

Soap Dispenser
Sanitex® Model

  • Available with either a liquid, foam or spray pump.
  • Range of high quality, PH balanced, pleasantly perfumed soap refill options, including luxury, antibacterial or waterless instant hand sanitizer.
  • Easy to change pouch refill for quick and contamination free installation.


Water Manager
Magnum Model

  • Designed to control and reduce by over 70%, the water used in automatic flushing urinal systems.
  • When a person enters the washroom an infra-red detector senses body movement, which operates a timer and valve controlling water supply to the cistern.
  • If the toilets are not used for 12 hours, then a single hygiene flush takes place.
  • A typical 9 litre cistern, flushing 4 times per hour every hour will use 6,048 litres per week. After installation of a water manager, in a typical commercial building this would be reduced to 1,440 litres.

Automatic Air Freshener
Airoma® Model

  • Automatic aerosol fragrance dispensers, ideal in a variety of locations for instant freshness and use against malodours.
  • Flexible programming options allowing fragrance delivery to be matched to location conditions.
  • Facility to programme up to 3 additional periods per day of enhanced fragrance delivery.
  • Visual warning and countdown clock to next spray.
  • Wide range of fragrances available.


Toilet Seat Sanitizer
Safeseat® Model

  • Simple to use, providing the opportunity to clean and sanitize surfaces such as toilet seats efficiently before use.
  • Mildly perfumed, exceptionally quick drying chemical, allows use of facilities immediately after sanitizing.
  • Suitable for up to 3000 cleaning operations.
  • Easy to change pouch refill for quick and contamination free installation.

Urinal / WC Self-Dosing System
Quadrasan® Model

  • Works continually to ensure urinal and W.C. fixtures are clean, sanitized and odour free.
  • Choice of either chemical or biological refill options.
  • Flexible programming options allowing delivery to be matched to location conditions.
  • Facility to programme up to 3 additional periods per day of enhanced chemical delivery.


Toilet Tissue Dispenser
Jumbo Model

  • Accommodates an internal roll core diameter between 56-62mm.
  • External roll diameter up to 280mm.

Hand Dryer
Magnum Multi-dri Model

  • Warm air hand and face dryer.
  • Chromed aluminium swivel nozzle Standard power touch – 1.8kw.
  • Turbo power touch – 2kw.
  • Standard power automatic – 1.8kw.
  • Turbo power automatic – 2kw.
  • Variety of models available including quiet running


Nappy Bin


  • Manual & foot pedal models available.
  • Heavy duty 30L capacity bin.

Air Freshener Fragrances


  • We offer a full range of fragrances, suitable for both inside & outside the washroom environment.

Hygienebusters Product Leaflet Download

Please use the link below to download the latest version of our product leaflet. Don’t forget that we provide washroom services, hygiene services, toilet services, washroom maintenance, hygiene maintenance and toilet maintenance as well as having a wide range of products including hand dryers. Contact us today on 08000 51 5113 or online through our contact form to find out more.

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